Henry's Corporate Rate

Henry’s and the CAJ have joined together to offer CAJ members access to professional-level photo, digital, video and audio equipment through the Henry’s Commercial Department.

It’s as easy as contacting the CAJ to get the information you need to save time and money and have access to special service and pricing, and a huge range of cameras, microphones and video gear.

Here’s a current Henry’s flyer. We’ll be updating this flyer each month.

Henry’s has over 30 store locations in Canada in Ontario, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia.

This perk is available to all CAJ members regardless of where you are located, through Henry’s toll-free customer service line.

Before going into a store or calling, please contact the CAJ to receive the appropriate discount code. With the discount code you receive from the CAJ, you can present it at a bricks-and-mortar location to receive the eligible discounts. If ordering by phone, you will also need the discount code received from the CAJ.

The corporate rate means you’ll always get the best price. Please note this discount does not always apply to all items. The Henry’s customer support team will advise you on what discounts are available on any particular product at any given time.

To obtain information on how to take advantage of this benefit, please contact your CAJ support team.